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Jan 2021 – Dec 2021


Product Designer, UI Designer & Brand Designer

Qliro is an E-commerce business that expanded to consumer finance, supplying customers in all of the Nordics. They have launched a range of commercially successful products, including a pay-after-delivery product, an e-commerce checkout, D2C saving and loan products, apps, a self-service website, and merchant-facing interfaces.
When I was part of the design team I helped with Product/UI Design for both their App & Web, Loan-flows, and Biometric identification. I also helped out with marketing material, branding, and especially a huge re-branding together with Bold Scandinavia. Here are some of my work during my time at Qliro.

Biometric identification

When I was at Qliro there was a discussion about how we can provide better safety for our users while logging in to our app. We talked about Biometric Identification (Face ID), since it's easy to log in with, saves money since we don't have to pay a fee to Bank ID (in Sweden), but if someone borrows your phone, it's harder to unlock with Face ID. 


Together with a UX-Writer, we had to re-design a new login flow for Face ID. There was also room for us to implement some new designs, and allow our users to choose what login they would prefer, Bank ID or Face ID. We added new text about what Face ID is, and how it would work with Qliro, and we also designed a new flow for our setting which allowed users to decide for how long they would like to stay logged in with Face ID before they had to renew it. This is our result. 

Visual update

When I started Qliro, they wanted me to rebuild their website (B2C & B2B site) since they wanted to evolve their content on their site, but at the same time remove some graphics from our old brand and see what we could design to elevate our graphic design on our website. 


I started to look at our existing graphic profile and the possibility of adding new and modern design elements that we could design by ourselves at Qliro. I designed some 3D elements so we could show off our products, but at the same time improve our imagery.  I also added a deeper green color to our graphic profile to create some depth and our 3D elements added textures to our imagery, giving it a more contemporary feeling and making us stand out from our competitors.


We needed to implement a hierarchy on our landing page since Qliro has more than one product. When our consumers hear Qliro, we want them to associate us with a "payment product" so we placed our app in the hero so you easily can find our app and login directly to create an account. Since loans are our second offer, we wanted it to come in underneath and after that, we can talk about savings. That gave us a better hierarchy of what we offer from Qliro. 

Rebranding with Bold

After our visual update, we had a conversation about Qliro as a brand. We needed to standout from other brands within our sector, and after reading a research we ordered from Ungdoms-barometern it became clear that we needed to standout compare to our competitors and we needed people to know what Qliro stands for and what we are doing. 

I talked to our design-team, but also our manager that we should contact Bold since I have worked with them before when I was a Design Intern there 2019. Three months later we started a collaboration together with Bold Scandinavia, but also Åkestam Holst to really kickoff our rebranding/markering project. It's still in the making, but I will be able to show how Qliro has evolved in the end of march when the project is released.