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H&M Group, 2020


Digital Design Consultant, Zington

I joined Weekday, a brand under the H&M Group, as a Digital Design Consultant from Zington. My mission was to enhance the brand's digital presence across social media, in-store and on the website. Weekday is known for its street fashion and incorporating political statements into its fashion and campaigns.

I aimed to create a consistent and cohesive Weekday brand across all platforms. During my tenure, I worked on various projects to achieve this goal. These are some of my projects during my time at Weekday.

Opening website & Ads

As a designer at Weekday, I was tasked with creating a landing page to inform customers about the opening of a new store. The page needed to feature specific details such as the opening date, time, offers, and activities while also being embedded within the Weekday website to enable tracking. The aim was to make it easier for customers to access the e-commerce platform with fewer clicks and to promote the Weekday brand.

To solve these challenges, I created wireframes and sketches to simplify the customer experience. Additionally, we visited Facebook headquarters in Stockholm to learn how to create effective launch offers for social media. From this, I designed shorter ads with links to our new landing page to increase social reach.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening was postponed, and we were unable to track the results of our efforts. Nonetheless, this project was a valuable experience that allowed me to enhance my design skills and showcase my ability to create cohesive and effective digital solutions.