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H&M Group, 2020


Digital Design Consultant, Zington

Weekday belongs to the H&M Group, with other brands like COS, Monki, H&M Home, &Other Stories, Arket and Afound. Weekday is especially known for its street fashion, being creative and adding political statements in their fashion and campaigns.  

I was hired by Weekday from Zington as a Digital Design Consultant to develop and create a stronger digital presence in social media, in stores and on their website. Make sure that the Weekday brand was cohesive through all platforms. These are some of my projects during my time at Weekday. 

Opening website & Ads

During my time at Weekday, I was in a project that was responsible to build a landing page for customer with specific information about a store opening, such as opening date, time, offers, activities. Weekday wanted to have the website embedded to their website to be able to track traffic and actions taken by visitors within the platform. It should be at the main website since we needed people to get familiar with Weekday as a brand and to make shopping access to eCom easier (fewer clicks).

That would solve our problems from before when they had everything external, no tracking possible and too many clicks required to shop on their eCom platform. So I started to create wireframes/sketches to solve these problems and made the experience easier for our new customers to find information.

We also needed to launch our new offers and information about our openings on social media. We visited Facebook headquarter in Sthlm and got a lesson in how we could shape our launch offers in the best way. After that I created shorter Ad’s, with links to our new landing page, so we could get a better reach with our social campaigns. Unfortunately there is no result/numbers yet if we succeed, since it never went live – the opening is postponed due to Covid19, so this is what I’m allowed to show in my portfolio at this stage.

Denim like it's 1999

In 1999, we didn’t know that producing a single pair of jeans requires an immense amount of water and energy and creates significant pollution. That there were also pesticides involved was the least of our worries. Fortunately, in that case, things changed for the better and Weekday is taking a lead when it comes to the environmental matter. This collection is made from 100% organic cotton.


This collection reflects the Weekday denim core, but it is also a celebration of having reached the 2020 cotton goal, which has led to all cotton in the brand assortment being organic or recycled. Reaching this goal is a big step towards all materials being sourced in a more responsible way by 2030.